EBOWN Best Practice Session: Working with EUDs Part 1 – Operational Engagement – 26 February 2024

March 15, 2024by EBOWN Admin0

The Workshop on “Working with EUDs Part 1: Operational Engagement” held on 26 February 2024 featured Geraldine Smeets, EBO Secretary General and Co CEO of Eurocamara Argentina, as the guest speaker. The training series aimed to provide insights into enhancing relationships between European Business Organizations (EBOs) and European Union (EU) Delegations. Geraldine emphasized several key strategies for effective operational engagement:

Firstly, she stressed the importance of understanding the EU Delegation staff, their roles, and building personal connections beyond professional boundaries. Geraldine shared her experiences and encouraged EBOs to invite delegation members for informal gatherings to foster relationships.

Additionally, EBOs were urged to act as local memory, providing historical context and expertise on the host country to bridge the understanding gap between EU policies and the local market. Advocacy and feedback were highlighted as crucial, with EBOs positioned as valuable partners offering insights and solutions. A data-driven approach was emphasized to showcase the impact of European businesses in the host country. Staying visible and actively participating in events attended by delegation members was recommended to ensure that EBOs remain on the radar of the EU Delegation.

Furthermore, EBOs were encouraged to facilitate dialogue and act as translators between the EU and the host country, providing insights into local processes, politics, and economic conditions.

Finally, Geraldine emphasized the importance of consistent engagement strategies despite personnel changes in diplomatic personnel, highlighting the significance of long-term relationships for sustainability.

Overall, the workshop provided valuable insights into operational engagement strategies for EBOs working with EU Delegations, offering practical approaches to enhance collaboration and advocacy efforts.

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