EBOWN East Asia and Pacific Regional Sentiment Report 2023

March 3, 2024by EBOWN Admin0
The EBO Worldwide Network serves as a bridge in facilitating effective dialogue, partnerships, and collaborations at both global and regional levels between member organisations and the EU institutions in a truly ‘Team Europe’ approach. The network plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth, trade & investment, and shared initiatives that contribute to the development of robust, sustainable business ecosystems.

The East Asia and Pacific Regional Sentiment Report 2023 features comprehensive valuable insights of the economic dynamics, unique opportunities and challenges for European businesses, diverse economic structures, regulatory frameworks, and geopolitical dynamics of the covered regions. The report is a product of EBOWN’s commitment to providing actionable intelligence for European businesses seeking to navigate and thrive in the complex markets of Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Mongolia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Taiwan as well as a valuable resource for the EU Commission Initiative for Global Gateway Investment.

The report’s key objectives encompass informing business strategies, promoting collaboration between governments, stakeholders, and European businesses, supporting informed decision-making, enhancing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, and facilitating the internationalisation efforts of European businesses. This collaborative approach aligns with EBOWN’s mission of creating a platform for dialogue and cooperation, fostering sustainable and responsible business practices, recognizing that shared efforts are essential for sustained economic growth and global competitiveness.

The creation of the EBOWN East Asia and Pacific Regional Sentiment Report involved a collaborative effort among individual European Business Organisations (EBOs) operating in the diverse markets across the East Asia and Pacific Region. These EBOs, representing the interests and activities of European businesses in specific countries, actively contributed data, insights, and analyses from their published position papers pertaining to the economic landscapes, challenges, and opportunities within their respective regions. The comprehensive report drew upon the local expertise of these EBOs, leveraging their deep understanding of the market conditions, regulatory environments, and industry dynamics of their respective country.

Further, the information provided in each report were primarily the collection of input and data provided and shared by the following EBOs:
  • European Australian Business Council
  • European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
  • European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
  • European Business Council in Japan
  • European Chamber of Commerce in Korea
  • Macau European Chamber of Commerce
  • European-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • New Zealand European Business Council
  • PNG-Europe Business Council Inc.
  • European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan
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